About Me: Amaya

Hey everyone!  Welcome!  My name’s Amaya and I’m an admin here at 2 Cool for Skool!  I’m fashionista, shopping, Pinterest, blogging, making music videos, and dancing teenager from NY and I’m so excited to be blogging here on 2 Cool for Skool!!!  Sorry, I have a thing for exclamation points!  On this site, I’ll be posting outfit ideas, OOTDs, hairstyle ideas, and some music videos that I’ve made!  I can’t wait to post to you all!  Enjoy! 😉



About Me: Bella


I am is an ninth grader and this will be my second year as a homeschooler. I love music, especially playing piano, guitar and singing. I play basketball and this year I’m going to play soccer. I LOVE Adventure Time, The Walking Dead and, the band Vampire Weekend.  I teach piano and write my own music. Follow our blog and enjoy! 🙂BELLAAAAAAA